They just can't stop Pitt

I can't get into my personal e-mail from work today, for some frustrating reason, so if you sent me something breathelessly fabulous, sorry I haven't responded yet.

And if you called me mean names, I just haven't seen them yet. So I'm telling you in advance: Nyah nyah back to you.

I'm sure there are a bunch of Pitt names we are missing. How about Pum Pitt? Vom Pitt? Well, that's stretching it (stretching Pitt)... Inspector Gadge Pitt?

How about, Watch Where Yousssss Pitt?

His favorite song will be: Q. Pitt, throw back your bow...and let your arrow go.

He is likely to attend college at U. Pitt.

This blog has sunk to a new low. And that's not easy!

Oh well. I really just can't....

I really just can't Hel Pitt.

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