I know, I know

My last entry was so darn interesting. I think my hub fell asleep in the middle of it. Luckily he had to wake up to go watch basketball championships.

Speaking of watching things, we got to see the revival of "Hair" this weekend. (My idea.) I love the music (it's both unique and funny, always a plus in musicals). But it's among the many musicals that's 96 percent music and little spoken word in between, so if you're not into that type, you might wanna skip it. And there was...wait for it...nudity! Nudity! Nudity! (Full frontal, too.)

I think I tend to love the songs more than the actual plots of most musicals. Here's my horrible confession: I've liked the movie versions of the Sound of Music, Annie, and Oklahoma way more than when I saw the stage shows on Broadway.

I really did like Sweet Charity on Broadway, though. Never saw the movie version (if there was one), but my high school put it on when I was a sophomore. The star was Colleen Fitzpatrick, AKA pop star "Vitamin C", believe it or not. Somehow, in my humdrum central Joisey h.s., we had a few stars come out.


Buzzards, vultures, and hawks

Do you know the difference between those three things? 

I thought about this because yesterday, I saw on the news that a "turkey vulture" slammed through someone's windshield on a highway.  They said that turkey vultures are often spotted near highway shoulders circling for roadkill.  They aren't turkeys, but have red turkey-like heads.

I Googled "turkey vulture" today and saw that they can also be called buzzards...and then was led to the fact that sometimes buzzards, vultures, and hawks are used interchangeably.  Not always, but sometimes people use those words to mean the same thing.

Wikipedia says:  "[Hawk is used] more generally (especially in North America) to mean falcons or small to medium-sized members of the Accipitridae – the family which includes the "true hawks" (Accipiters) as well as eagleskitesharriers and buzzards."

Then it says:  "The Old World vultures found in AfricaAsia, and Europe belong to the family Accipitridae, which also includes eagleskitesbuzzards, and hawks. Old World vultures find carcasses exclusively by sight."

I'm sure scientists could tell you all the distinctions, but I just found that interesting.  




Sounds like a plan

I just read this article about the Japanese.  Sad:

"There were 2,645 suicides recorded in January 2009, a 15 percent increase from the 2,305 for January 2008, according to the Japanese government.

The Japanese government said suicide rates are a priority and pledged to cut the number of suicides by more than 20 percent by 2016." 

Quote of the day 

"Jennifer Aniston must be very high maintenance.  Because she's a total hottie.  And all these guys who are ____ing her are leaving her.  And you can quote me on THAT!" -- The hubby

I told him I'd quote him if I could blog him.  He said yes.  Well, OK, then!

...On another note, people at work today were talking about the fish commercial, and someone played it on her computer!  I put forth my questions about it, and I think I just annoyed everyone.

Overcompensating, part II

Well, the gas company's attempts to paint over this don't exactly obscure it.


Lemonades! Lemonades! I need Lemonades!

The Girl Scouts sell two different kinds of lemon cookies.  They come from two different bakeries.  One bakery makes my favorites, "Lemonades."  Another one makes lemon creme cookies, which are so-so.  So far, I've bumped into Girl Scouts selling either the cremes, or they've said they ran out of Lemonades.  I want Lemonades!  If you know any girls who are sellin', I'm buyin'.



I don't know this girl - found her blog while looking for something else - but wow, she eats well!  Lots of good pictures of dishes, most of them without meat.  (I'm not a vegetarian, but I really don't eat much meat.)  Check this out - it's good for ideas.

She lives in Canada.  Who knew it was such a culinary wonderland!


Love is in the air

Oddly, the narrator's voice sounds like me. (It's not.)


This takes the cake

A case just appeared in the news in Utah where 47-year-old teacher admitted she was having sex with a 13-year-old boy for about a month. She then found out another teacher in the same school had been having sex with him the month before that!! Neither of them knew about each other (they found out later). They must have been jea-lllllous.

What is going on here? Not one but TWO teachers risking their careers (and jail-free lives) for some kid?

Who is this kid? He must have some moves!!! Most guys don't know how to seduce a woman until they're about 40.

Just weird.

Update: A male reader writes:

"He is a 13 year old boy. He is a victim of female sexual child predators. Would you have made that comment if it was a 13 year old girl and the teachers were men? Of course you wouldn’t have said any such thing about the girl’s moves. Said nothing about a 13 girl hitting on her male teachers.
You’re comment is a classic example of how too many people believe that only a man can be a sexual predator. I find the comment off the wall. You just made the victim of sexual assault the criminal. You claim that he was hitting on them! Excuse me? You have it all backwards."

Good points.


Joaquin Phoenix...and the Siamese cat song

Am I not the only one who hears similarities? (Listen to each for at least 35 seconds...)


listen to the music...

then try

Also, watch the animated one with the sound low as you listen to the music from the other one. (You need to open them in separate windows, probably.) Way fun!!!!!

Also, I am not on drugs! It really is fun!!!
Dear CNN,

Sorry.  But it doesn't matter how many days the link stays up on your home page...I am not going to click on the video of a cat stuffed in a "smoky bong."  

I know you have to lure a mix of readers to your page.  Maybe they will go there because they heard they can watch the pot-addled pussy, and they'll read about the civil war in Chad as well and be enlightened.  But I don't know.  It's not for me.  Thanks anyway.
Recession, or depression?

Here's a little ditty from the last Depression...well, okay, from a musical about it.  It's funny.  Who knew "Annie" could be so mean?!?!

Today we're living in a shanty
Today we're scrounding for a meal 
Today I'm stealing coal for fires
Who knew i could steal? 

I used to winter in the tropics 
I spent my summers at the shore 
I used to throw away the paper-- 
We don't anymore!

We'd like to thank you: Herber Hoover
For really showing us the way 
We'd like to thank you: Herbert Hoover 
You made us what we are today 

Prosperity was 'round the corner 
The cozy cottage built for two
In this blue heaven 
That you gave us 
Yes! We're turning blue! 

They offered us Al Smith and Hoover
We paid attention and we chose
Not only did we pay attention 
We paid through the nose. 

In ev'ry pt he said "a chicken" 
But Herbert Hoover he forgot 
Not only don't we have the chicken 
We ain't got the pot! 

Hey Herbie 
You left behind a greatful nation
So, Herb, our hats are off to you
We're up to here with admiration 
Come down and have a little stew 

Come down and share some Christmas dinner
Be sure to bring the missus too
We got no turkey for our stuffing

We'd like to thank you, Herbert Hoover 
For really showing us the way 
You dirty rat, you Bureaucrat, you
Made us what we are today
Come and get it, Herb!

Women and food

It's an easy comfort, and a curse.  I don't think men have these issues as much.  Sure, they want to stay in shape, but I don't hear derisive comments on men's weight as much.  I never have heard a girl say, "I met this great guy, but he's a little fat."  (I'm sure there are girls who say it, but I haven't heard it.)  Anyway, here's the latest article about girl vs. food.