You know what's weird?

Do you? Well, what's weird is when they use one type of food to describe another type of food.

For instance, I've eaten cheese that is described as having a "nutty" taste. But there aren't any nuts in cheese.

I bought some Cerignola olives from FreshDirect that were described as having a "fruitier" taste than most. Is there fruit in the olives?

And...how can a tomato be meaty? Or more specifically, beefsteak?

Also, is Sprite really CRISP and clean? And how can air be crisp?

The truth is, there just aren't enough adjectives for food, so you have to kind of manipulate the ones you have for certain foods. If you've done occasional food reviewin' like I have, you've found that there are only so many times you can say "succulent," "savory," and "tasty" before someone hits you.

By the way, I just had a really meaty salad with some crisp, cool club soda. The tomatoes were beefy and the cheese was both nutty and fruity.

Floppy disk drive you up a wall

Today I had to find an old essay I wrote in college in order to include it as part of a book proposal. I went through about 20 of my old Macintosh disks from the '90s to find which one it was on. I had to go down the street to the print shop that has one Macintosh with a floppy disk drive. I would insert each disk, listening to it humming (or clicking if it was broken), and see what showed up. Some of the old disks wouldn't even show up on a new Mac. Some of my disks were named after things in the news at the time that I named the disk (there's one called "Clinton").

Eventually I found the essay. When I was putting all the disks back in the box, I realized that at some point, I had printed out a list of what was on each disk. So I could have just checked the lists. D'oh!

But anyway, I had a truly lovely weekend. Hope y'all did too.

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