Sam from Hawaii notes that we all missed:

Just Whip Pitt.

Also, apparently I'm not alone in only recently hearing the word "platform" used to describe writers with some sort of track record - the sudden proliferation of the term just got written about today on a major literary blog!!!

Sto Pitt, Stu Pitt!

Wes suggests: "Personally, I like Trum Pitt and Butterscotch Crim Pitt. "

Not bad. Mickey noted that I forgot "Stu Pitt."

I found out at a publishing gathering this evening that fabulous author Melissa Senate sometimes reads this blog. Thanks!

It was back to work for me today, but I'm still revising by night so I can get this stuff out at the end of the week. What comes next? The real fun: Waiting to see if someone thinks it's publishable! Hey, less carpal tunnel syndrome that way.

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