Happy new year!!!!

Hope you have a great new year's eve. I know mine will be wonderful.

And a great 2009!!



"The Sound of Music" is on Sunday night at 7 on ABC.  Thought you should know!

In unrelated news...

There was a pile of dog poo on the way to do laundry today.  I kept saying "Hi, Mr. Hankie" when I passed it, because I knew it was really Mr. Hankie, the Christmas Poo.  Hubby just thinks I'm weird.  But you and I know the truth.


Attention unpublished writers

Especially if you're starting late.  Here is a contest that might help you.  


Free offer

Do you have extra cash lying around your house?  Coins you never use?

Let me take it off your hands!

I am willing to pick up

-Small bills
-Large bills
-Husband's wallets
-Annoying quarters
-Unused gift cards
-Those winning lottery tickets you just don't feel like redeeming
-And more!

Just give me a call.  Satisfaction guaranteed!  This is NOT a scam!!!!!!!!!!



Well, luckily he wasn't all wet.  To quote Wayne and Garth, when they were discussing Clinton's jogging shorts, "We don't need to see SO much of the president."



If a bulldog goes to sleep, it becomes a bulldozer.

Did you see that news story about the kid named Adolph Hitler Campbell?  (The one ShopRite wouldn't make a cake for?)  Someone commented that because of his last name, he is actually a soup Nazi!

That's all I have to pass along today.  I'm supposed to root against the Patriots in football today, according to Hub, so please do the same to help us all out.  Thanks!



Okay, haven't written much lately. Waaay too busy at work. Also hanging out with the hubby, fuming over Spencer on "The Hills," etc., etc.....

I'm noticing that blogging is on the decline in general. People are doing their Facebook status updates and such. Ned wrote something poignant, though. He refers to it as "whiny and self involved."

On another note, here's what some Jewish folks do on Xmas Eve. I won't confirm that I've ever been to one.

Have wonderful holidays, everyone!



The Hubby and I were in the Port Authority last week and spied this woman walking a dog that had a puffy winter coat that matched hers.  The dog's coat even had a hood!  It said "Rock" on it with a star in the "O."

UPDATE:  I found it on-line.  It's only $45.  It's the one on the left.


Amazing!  (and about 5 seconds long)

Watch this video.  Yes, it's office safe.

Quote of the evening

"That's your problem; you move at the speed of girl.  [Pause.]  Blog THAT!" - The Hubby
Combonym of the day

Pukeumber - n. - What you get if you eat cucumber and it makes you nauseous.

So that you're in the know

"Sexting" is the new catch-phrase.  From AOL news:

Apparently teens taking risqué photos of themselves is turning into a full-on epidemic. Researchers from Teenage Research Unlimited have finally put some hard numbers to the anecdotes about teens getting themselves in trouble with revealing photos. 

According to the study, commissioned by the 
National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and CosmoGirl.com, 22-percent of teenage girls and 18-percent of boys have taken nude or semi-nude photos of themselves and sent them to someone or posted them online. And a third of young adults (20-26 years old) have done the same.  Young adults and teens view sending these photos and suggestive text messages as simple digital flirting. 39-percent of teens and 59-precent of those young adults say they've sent naughty texts a means of flirting.


The sky

Saw this linked to on another blog, and had to link too



We're officially in a recession. In case you couldn't tell.

Dialogue of the day

(in the supermarket)

CASHIER: That's $6.03.
(I start looking through my pocketbook.)
HUBBY: Do you have it?
ME: I do. I just need to find three cents.
HUBBY: I can find it.
ME: Well, I probably have more cents.
HUBBY: You have more sense?
ME: Yes, I probably have more sense.
CASHIER: (Laughing)
ME: Thank you. We'll be here all week.