More photos of Hoboken


Three writerly things that are plaguing me right now

1.  This is in Publisher's Lunch today:

"Welcome, new adult books. With six 'new adult' deal reports in the last month alone, we have created a new Deals sub-category for this growing genre. (You'll see it in the Fiction sub-category drop-down menu as well when using our deal report form.)"

Oh, the pressure!  I have a few projects in the works that happen to fit the new adult category...so do I rush on them because this is a genre that's getting very hot, and potentially miss out on the chance to think them through and shade them more and make the better?  Or do I work on them for a while so they're top quality, but miss the window of opportunity?

Actually, it seems like this genre is on the way up right now.  Which means it actually may be hotter in a few months.  I think it will explode this summer and still keep going strong for a while. 

I take most books slow.  I think they're at their best if I work on them when inspired.  I keep a few projects going at once so I can take a break from one and work on another.

New adult will be around for a while.  I thought the vampire trend wouldn't last so long...and it's still going.

2.  Over-revising the beginning of my favorite novel-in-progress

I keep revising the beginning.  I always do that.  It sets the tone for the whole book.  But by revising it so many times, it loses its surprise, and I begin to think it's bland and flavorless.  It doesn't affect me anymore.  

I have the urge to change it a lot now.  Is that because it needs it, or because I've lost objectivity?

3.  So many ideas, so little time.


The state of on-line media

This is what it said on CNN's homepage this morning.  It's a horror movie. Ooh...send pictures!

Fertilizer plant explosion kills 2, forces evacuation

A major blast at a fertilizer plant in the Texas town of West leaves 2 dead, and fire officials expect the death toll to soar. FULL STORY


More of Hoboken at dusk

Near the park, there's an area of former factories that got converted into condos.  I love the big, boxy windows and brick walls.  I like to imagine what this neighborhood was like 50 years ago.  Here's what it's like now:

Got this comment

...on my Wildwood story below.  I wonder if I posted this myself when I was in a trance, or something. Who knew someone else would think of the Douglas fudge dog?  Who are you mystery poster?

hello. I was trying to find Carrie Pilby ipad download and stumbled upon your blog. I especially liked reading the post about Wildwood, NJ. My Mom had a boat she kept there every summer up until last year. Good Times Good Times. hee hee and actually my original reason for commenting was to answer the survey question Douglas or Hankin's? I'm a Douglas girl for sure. mmm mmm mmm and the cute Scottie's on the box always makes me smile. Thanks for sharing your stories and can't wait to see the film version of Carrie Pilby. Cheers! on