they should make cherry m&m's.

oh, the internet sez they did already. for a limited time.


A lovely review of my book

Thanks, Random Ramblings blog!!

Eggs Edessa, Americana Diner, East Windsor, NJ.
An excellent breakfast to start what was a great day.


Oh, oh, domino

A photo of one of my favorite pastimes as an adolescent. I set this up on our dining room floor in Freehold.

The show "That's Incredible!" made these domino setups popular. Note: That's also the show that made the phrase "Don't try this at home" popular. But I tried this at home. It didn't involve blowing anything up. Actually, there was one holiday season when two different game companies were selling colored domino sets to capitalize on the craze. I got the Incredible Domino Rally for Hannukah. My friend Missy got the other one. I forget what it was called, but her parents got it for her because it had 600 dominoes...little did they realize that the dominoes in that set were teeny-tiny. What a ripoff!


Stuff on my camera...

Column for my college paper in which I made the case that every student should have access to e-mail. From around 1992. Bold stance, no?

Smoked gouda mac and cheese I made on Monday when I was off. Conclusion: Really not worth the hour to buy the ingredients and cook it. Sometimes from scratch or homemade just ends up wasting time. It was ok, but I could have probably picked it up at a restaurant somewhere and still saved money and effort.

Short story I wrote in high school. Will explain later.


Blogfan Sam writes:

I think you should have kept it "hivernating".. perhaps spelling it to show it's not a mistake, like HIVEernating or hive-ernating. Maybe you would have gotten an A instead of a B (or a Bee). Just a thought, revisit that story and turn it into a children's book.


Good idea! It would get a lot of BUZZ!


At least not everyone rejected me.

...thank you, Muffin!

Another found item, this from eighth grade. I think this is from Holmdel Happenings. The only nice thing to happen in snooty ol' Holmdel. I got a $50 savings bond.


They only rejected me later. What a tease.

(See more new stuff below.)

One writer's beginnings.

I actually wrote "hivernate," but then I realized teachers would just think I was making a mistake, so I corrected it. Dang.


Yes, it's all for the best

"If at the moment you are wondering if all of your efforts have gone for nought, I can't blame you. But I hope that in time you will come to realize that is not so. Whatever disappointment there may be at not gaining admission to Princeton will eventually pass. What will remain and stand you in good stead the rest of your life are the admirable personal qualities and accomplishments that came through in your application."

It might as well have started, "Dear Shitster..."

P.S. The hubby says: "April 12, 1989? I was in eighth grade!"