Happy Thanksgiving!!

I have so much to be thankful for this year. I hope that all of you turkeys have a great holiday!


Time Passages

'Enjoy every minute. They grow up fast.'

That's probably the thing people have said to me most about the baby. All my life, I have worried about letting time pass me by.

I am trying to remember people's advice and savor every moment. I worry that people are right, that I'll blink and suddenly he'll be sixteen and getting ready for the prom. I want to make use of every moment -- and I have to remind myself that sometimes, that means living IN the moment, not worrying so much.

I have about one week left to be home full-time with him. At the stage he's at now, he's pretty helpless and my job is more maintenance (diapers, feedings, changing his clothes) than anything else, but gradually other things are being added to the mix. I am so so happy and excited right now. There are so many little things my hubby and I will enjoy with him, and I have to make sure to savor them without obsessing that I'm not doing enough to savor them. Even those diaper changes represent quiet time, special time that won't last forever, and I'm well aware of it. He's not always going to be a baby, even if he's always my baby.


ME (to baby, while changing him): Do you like to be kissed and hugged and cuddled?

HUBBY (from in bathroom): Yes!