Thank God for Daylight Savings Time, because that way I can say I only stayed up until 6 a.m. writing this morning, instead of 7 a.m. I don't quite know how that happened, but there was chocolate involved.

Speaking of which, happy Halloween!

I think I should probably get some sleep. Night, all.
Woke up, put onmunchmunchmunchmunchmmmgobblegobble gobble.

Happy Halloween!

A friend of mine says he's going to an election party Tuesday thrown by "votergasm," a group that you can join by taking a pledge not to have sex with people who don't vote. It's non-partisan. It seems like the key is, though, if you meet someone, don't let on that you're a member of the group before asking if they voted. Because if they know, they'll just lie. Hint: If they say they voted for Jim Carey, don't do the nasty.

We have gotten some excellent contributions to the poetry contest. I haven't had a chance to post them, but I will. To all who submitted - you're brilliant.

I have also been working on a haiku, but it's one syllable off. My writing group tried to help me alter it, but I didn't like the suggestions.

A plane

Every time a plane
flies over my house, I ask
"Is that the other shoe?"


Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for contacting Dell Technical Support on 10/24/2004 with a question or need from Dell. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you and are interested in your feedback concerning our performance....


A letter we got at the newspaper this week began:

Dear [reporter],

Your spelling is atrochious!

I got one last month that ended,

What school of journalism did you attend so that I can look out for editors of similar ilk?

Sincrely and with nausea,

But this is one of my favorites:

Sept. 11 poem trite
Advice: If you go to a concert where 50 Cent is one of the performers, and he throws his sweatshirt into a crowd, put your hands over your face and be careful not to be trampled.

On another note...hoo boy.
My hours haven't improved much, because I just got home from the Shady National Convention. I was 20 feet away from Shady Party candidate Marshall Mathers. He had this to say:

"My motto in 2004 is, if you can't take a mothafuc*ing joke, then just beat it!"

(He was referring to Michael Jackson.)

I'm going to sleep now.


Woke up, put on clothes, went to work.

I'm lying, as I have done with the above comment almost every time in the past two weeks. I haven't gone home yet. I'm going now. This election has interfered with my daily morning entries! Now it's crossed the line!

I work for a newspaper and we have a lot of election stories and letters to get in. So, I'm at work late. And yes, I have also been working on the novel.

Poetry contest

Okay, there's no prize. But "Anonymous Bob" and I came up with a poem (Bob deserves most of the credit). Feel free to add lines if you come up with good ones:

With enough beers,
Roseanne would look like
Brittney Spears.

With enough rum,
Bea Arthur would look like
Heidi Klum.

With enough sherry,
George Bush would look like
Vanessa Kerry.

With enough brandy
Michael Moore
would look like Mandy.

Today is the Shady National Convention. Guess who's back, back again...


I think it's love.
Woke up, put on clothes, went to work.

A friend of mine e-mailed me to say that she often disagrees with Dawn, but Dawn’s latest posting about Planned Parenthood made her wonder.

Today, Dawn writes about how if you’re 6 years old, you can get into Teenwire and ask questions about sex. Dawn has made other interesting discoveries, like the brightly colored “Size Matters” rulers that Teenwire created for kids to use at school.

I don’t like kids being sexualized. I don’t care what adults do, but kids should be allowed to be kids and grow up at their own rate without pressure. The purpose of Teenwire is to help kids who already are sexually active and have nowhere else to ask questions, and that’s good. But making a kid feel out of place because he or she is NOT ready yet for sex is dumb. And that’s what stuff like the "Size Matters" school supplies collectively does.

But that’s not why I’m bringing all this up.

I bring it up because Dawn writes at the end of today’s entry, “Is that the kind of world that you want to wake up to on November 3? A world where six-year-olds are encouraged to sign up to learn about rubber penises..?”

Here is the problem.

If Kerry gets elected, he is NOT going to support 6-year-olds having sex. That’s ridiculous.

If you are a good parent, you can teach your kid right from wrong. It is also incumbent upon you to teach your kid that the poor and sick shouldn’t suffer excessively just because they are broke. That’s part of family values, too.

Maybe both sides have to do a little more talking to each other and listening if we feel that our very way of life and moral values are at stake. To some, that's the emotional issue that is influencing them more than most others. Even if it shouldn't be.

There much bigger issues at stake right now. Terrorism. Health care. Stem cell research. People who are scared that their moral way of life is threatened are going to let that influence their vote, and I understand that. Maybe liberals should take a stand against extreme programs that contribute to the sexualization of kids. But also, maybe conservatives should not say ignorant things about certain adult lifestyles just because they’re afraid of them.

This election should be about terrorism first and foremost. It should also be about having our government work to make sure people have a fighting chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But we have a lot of people who fear that morality is being threatened, and then the other side who fears that the government may threaten their right to do whatever they want in their bedrooms.

Joe Schmo who doesn't pay attention to what's really going on may fall for reductive statements like "Is this the world you want to wake up to on Nov. 3?", but it seems more complicated than that. Do people believe that if they vote for a Democrat, kids are going to have sex younger? Do they really believe that heterosexuals will suddenly “choose” homosexuality? Those who are against same-sex marriage have to come up with better reasons for their opposition than just that it scares them.

Maybe a little more discussing and a little less extremism. And better parenting. If you really are concerned that the president has control over whether your kid turns out gay, you are a dope. And you should also be worrying about your kid learning the values of selfishness and greed, or not being able afford health insurance if he's between jobs.


...On another note, travel writer and blogger Daryl Lang is reading at Barbes tomorrow. Amy Sohn and Jess Liese are also reading. Info here.



I was coming home from trivia and mentioned that I was going to go to work to check my e-mail because my computer froze when I installed new software. I told him Dell said I'd have to reinstall the operating system for four hours. He said he'd be willing to take a look. I was doubtful, but I said it would be great. He brought some disks across the hall, looked some stuff up on his own computer, and fixed it in a half hour. He had to rename the new software something else so my computer wouldn't keep trying to reload it or whatever it was doing.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Don't do anything drastic without asking a million questions first.

While I was on with Dell, they had me keep holding down either the Ctrl, or the Delete, or the F9 key when I was rebooting to get it to a menu. Ctrl didn't work. Then I remembered that a few years ago, they asked me to do that by tapping it quickly rather than holding it down. I did that, and that got it to the right screen. So even the guy on the phone didn't know enough to give me all the options. He did try to be helpful, though, and was patient.

What frustrates me is that someone more vulnerable might just have listened to them and wasted time. Or someone who hadn't backed up stuff, or wasn't able to go to an office and use that computer instead like I did, might have been really screwed. So if anyone Googles about their Dell problems, I do appreciate that they provide free technical support, but if they tell you to do anything drastic, ask around first.

Thanks to "Bob," Sara (on W.M.'s behalf), Mr. Steele, and others who said that it seemed unlikely that I'd have to reboot the whole OS just due to adding new software.

OK, I know that was boring, but I think it's good to learn from other's mistakes. 1. Back up your stuff. 2. Especially do that before installing anything new. 3. Don't panic if something goes wrong.

On an unrelated note, as I was leaving trivia, I got to pet a Clumber spaniel. It was cute even though it drooled all over my leg. Another girl saw it, too, and we both pummeled the woman who was walking it with questions. Clumbers are mostly in England and there aren't that many in the U.S.
Well, my brilliant idea didn't seem so bright when I had to wake up this morning.

Here's something to shock you out of your slumber. And they used to say young people were apathetic!
Woke up, put on clothes, went to work.

Actually, it's 4:30 a.m., and I came in here about 10 p.m. I figured out how to fit in editing, revising the novel, and getting to trivia on time tomorrow. It was -- don't sleep!

But actually I am going to go home now and sleep from 5 to 9 a.m. So if you're going to trivia tonight, I will be there on time after all, and may need to join a team.

It's so much easier to catch up on stuff at work when no one's here and it's quiet. Plus, there's water available and internet access.

Speaking of which, BACK UP YOUR STUFF!!


Oh, I should add that - "in light of this lurid tale" (as Randall says in Clerks) - BACK UP YOUR WORK. E-mail it to yourself and save it on a disk or cd. You may someday get locked on the Windows ME screen and not be able to get out of it.
I tried to install my digital camera software on my computer, and it somehow made the system reboot and then got locked in the second screen after rebooting, which is the Windows Me screen. It sounds like it's rebooting but stays locked on the screen. I was on with Dell for a while and we tried different ways to get into Safe Mode, but it won't get in. They say that it's likely that I'll just have to reinstall the operating system, which takes hours on the phone. It also erases everything on the computer, which isn't so bad because I back things up maniacally, but I'd still like to avoid it if possible. I think every once in a while I'll turn on the computer again to see if it works. I eventually may have to reinstall the OS. The guy on the phone said that Windows Me doesn't provide as many ways to get into the system to erase the new software (which may be corrupting the file) as other programs do. It seems like I should be able to have a way to just get in and erase the new application, which is mucking my my computer, but I can't. So for now, I'm temporarily using a different computer. Anyway, if anyone actually knows about computers and has any other ideas on how to fix this, let me know. But if you really do know something, you probably know that if I can't get into safe mode (when I tried it just went back to the me screen), it's probably hopeless. It's not so bad as I have things backed up. It's just a pain. Dopey software.


Woke up, bla bla bla.

Worked on novel most of Saturday (shock! awe!)

I went to the housewarming party last night for a good friend. The house was definitely warm. I learned two interesting things. One: Apparently, one of the most disgusting websites ever is www.tubg*rl.com, but you have to replace the * with an "i." WARNING: This came up in conversation about "shock" websites, and the two men who were discussing it refused to even explain what it was, for fear of offending everyone at the party. They said it was a woman in a tub, and vomit was involved. So don't go there unless you want to see something shocking. In the end, we nominated someone to look it up on the web in the middle of the party. Reactions ranged from disgust to laughter. I only viewed it from afar.

Second, on the way home (I was lucky enough to get a ride back from Bob), we didn't know which road to take back to Manhattan from Queens. Janet said, "Go right. Know why? Because I just saw a taxi go that way, and why would a taxi not be going back to Manhattan?" Good advice!

I plan to post a photo of the partygoers' feet when I install the software for my beloved new camera.

Plan for today (Sunday): More novel revising!
Woke up, bla bla bla.

Worked on novel most of Saturday (shock! awe!)

I went to the housewarming party last night for a good friend. The house was definitely warm. I learned two interesting things. One: Apparently, one of the most disgusting websites ever is www.tubg*rl.com, but you have to replace the * with an "i." WARNING: This came up in conversation about "shock" websites, and the two men who were discussing it refused to even explain what it was, for fear of offending everyone at the party. They said it was a woman in a tub, and vomit was involved. So don't go there unless you want to see something shocking. In the end, we nominated someone to look it up on the web in the middle of the party. Reactions ranged from disgust to laughter. I only viewed it from afar.

Second, on the way home (I was lucky enough to get a ride back from Bob), we didn't know which road to take back to Manhattan from Queens. Janet said, "Go right. Know why? Because I just saw a taxi go that way, and why would a taxi not be going back to Manhattan?" Good advice!

I plan to post a photo of the partygoers' feet when I install the software for my beloved new camera.

Plan for today (Sunday): More novel revising!


For anyone who doesn't know, I DID tell Amy S. that trivia was nerdy. I meant it in the best possible way, and I think there's nothing wrong with that. So don't blame her!

Wait, what am I saying...I take enough heat for my own articles.

On another note, I revised the first 50 pp. of my book some more this evening. If they were, like, pages 200-250, I wouldn't worry so much. But this is the beginning. I think I'm almost done. I see the light!

Unfortunately, with this much writing, I've been bribing myself with a lot of food all month and I'm turning into a pudge. Starting Nov. 1, it's back on the treadmill. (It wouldn't make sense to do it Oct. 31.)

I briefly turned on one of those reality makeover shows tonight, and it never fails that I thought the person was better looking before the makeover. Also, the surgery victims are always married to husbands who say "I like her just the way she is," but somehow these husbands can't talk their beloveds out of dangerous surgery. I know, I know, it's hard when you have such low self-esteem, and I try not to judge, but I think what bothers me most is the message these shows send. Some of those people could use a new haircut, maybe even something changed, but they don't need to be remodeled like clay. So I wrote down these quotes from the show tonight, in which an elementary school teacher got plastic surgery:

WOMAN WHO GOT SURGERY: My mom has never said 'You're beautiful,' and tonight, she whispered in my ear and what she said was, 'You're beatiful.'

(Great, way to go, Mom. Treat your daughter like crap until she goes under the knife.)

NARRATOR (after the woman went back to teaching and one little kid said she looked 'hot'): "A teacher with a lesson...that dreams can come true!"

Yeah, great.

Finally, I conclude with dialogue from "Life as We Know It" on ABC. This is between Ben, a teenager, and the English teacher he's been fooling around with:

BEN: I want to kiss you so bad right now.

(It was funny even though there's a Rodney Dangerfield precedent.)
My Italian penpal, Alex, writes:

Sohn is saying right about it? Who is she? I tred to understand also about the your nerd glasses; what nerd means?

After an explanation, he e-mailed back:

Now I’ve understood a little better!! I’ve read the article of Chris, the co-host with you. And I must say that I am very much with his words, and above all I concern his criticism towards the journalist Amy. This journalist criticized, I believe with a preconception form, what happens in these evenings. Having these such strange evenings and knowing people of this kind and with a few qualities who are often ignored daily...  oh.. it is too fun! But in these evenings, called Trivia Night,  do some competitions take place too to answer several questions, besides to speak and know other nice people?
Suddenly there are a lot of cars on the street outside, and I hear ambulances. People, it's just a baseball game. Don't go beating your wife because the Yankees lost. Geez whiz.


Woke up, put on clothes, went to work.

Going home now to work on the novel. Don't bother me. Don't!!


Trivia went well tonight. Thanks to all who came. I wore my nerd glasses because of the article. My co-host, Chris, did an excellent job and will host again soon. We got some interesting answers to the question "What does Reggie Tongue do for a living?" (He plays football for the Jets.)

Apparently there was also a baseball game going on. My dad concluded an e-mail this morning with this: "Have a good day and root for the Yanks to beat those pesky Sox."

I went to a friend's play after work yesterday, then came home and worked on the novel from about 10 p.m. until 3 a.m. So I think I will go to bed early tonight.
Who let the dogs out? Find out in this top secret report! (Link first via MobyLives.)
Woke up, put on clothes, went to work. [prerecorded cuz I'm up at 12:30 a.m.]

The rain has just begun.


Oh, come all ye geeks! Amy Sohn's article about trivia night is in New York magazine! It's also on the web here.
Will soon wake up, put on clothes, and go to work.

Well, I was off last week working on the novel. The verdict: Still needs a lot more work. Drat and double drat! So I'll keep pounding away.

Check out this really funny flash animation from the National Jewish Democratic Council. What does Bubbie have to say about this election? Find out! More 'toons are coming.

Someone made a really good comment on another blog on Friday. The person was defending his reasons for voting for Bush. The point he made was that moral issues don't matter, the Supreme Court picks don't matter, abortion doesn't matter and gay marriage doesn't matter if we're all blown to bits by terrorists. He thinks Bush is the best person to protect us, and that's why he's voting for him. Someone else responded by saying that Bush WANTS us to think that.


Woke up, put clothes on, didn't go to work.

I like Dawn's response to my response to her response. I don't see mine was a "left-wing blog," since I voted for a Republican once (Frank Rizzo, but he was already dead). I do agree that religious people are sometimes demonized or belittled by the thinking left, and the incident that sparked Dawn's original essay - a public event where there was the implication that anyone supporting Bush was a numbskull - isn't fair either.

I was at a comedy show recently where one of the comedians made some comment that was, in effect, "We're all voting for Kerry, right?" Of course, I live in the NY area and that's a common assumption, but the idea that anyone who is voting for Bush is stupid isn't a fair idea. I think we could have more rational discourse if we could get past all of the screwy assumptions.

I don't like it when people on the right assume that the poor or uneducated deserve to be that way. Comments like that make me angry. Similarly, I don't think it's fair to assume that religious folks are ignorant, hateful, etc. Dawn seems to hold certain moral values near and dear, and I agree that there are moral crises in this country.

We're kind of arguing about abstract, easy ideas here, and I know there are more important things at stake. Nobody reads my blog to hear what I have to say about the war, and I don't think my opinions are that much more insightful than Jenny from the block. (OK, maybe than hers). This blog may be erased before you can say "Google cycle," so catch it while you can.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming...

DENTIST PERFORMING ROOT CANAL ON ME ON MONDAY: This procedure is fairly routine.
ME: Get it, root-ine?
DENTIST: Yeah, I've done hundreds of them...

And thus, another bad pun dies a quick death.


Woke up, put on clothes, didn't go to work. [Prerecorded.]

Dawn is protesting the assumptions people make about conservatives. Well, maybe I'd like conservatives better if making ignorant assumptions about other people wasn't such a popular practice of theirs. I've found that a lot of regular folks who are conservatives (not all) tend to base their rationale on selfishness or hate. Do you ever hear Democrats saying things against the poor or ill? Things like "They probably got that way due to bad decisions. I don't like supporting them with my tax dollars"? Is it moral to be prejudiced or hateful without actually asking people first how they got into their situation, and to consider whether it might be worth giving them the bare minimum to get back on their feet?


Woke up, put on clothes, didn't go to work.

I've been home writing this week. Right now, all I can safely say is that some of the book works, some of it probably doesn't, and some I just don't know about because I'm not an impartial reader. This morning, I cut a bunch of stuff out of the novel, and then this afternoon I needed to put some of it back in. When that happens, I'm overediting.

At least I finally got to call a plumber for the sink that's been stopped up for a month.
Woke up, got dressed. (Pre-recorded).

Two reactions to the "don't buy electronics on-line" entry. Candee, a talented graphic artist, recommends the site buydig.com to buy digital items and save $$.

Jodi says sometimes if you go in person, they don't have the model you want, and they try to convince you to get an inferior one. Yeah, well, I say that you find the one you want online and then go get it at the store, but I'm an amateur at this.

I'm working heavily on the novel this week. After three years, it's time to finish. But every time I read it, it still seems to need much more work. So, work it will get.


Woke up, got dressed.

Why you should not buy electronics online

A public service message from me.

Yesterday I decided it was finally time to get a digital camera. I've always wanted to have a really good camera with a good zoom and the ability to adjust the shutter speed, even if it cost more. I had already asked Kevin at ForgottenNewYork for a recommendation for a camera with those features that an amateur like me could use, and he recommended this one. I could have bought it on line.

But I don't like that idea. What if I get it and something's missing, or broken? Then I have to put it back in the mail. Besides, I like to try things before buying.

So instead I went to the J&R Computer World in New York, tried a few similar cameras, and bought this one. I was passing the old church on the way back to the WTC PATH station, so I put batteries in and went to take a picture. I looked through the view finder and there was already a frozen image of the graves and trees on the screen. Spooky.

Then the zoom lens moved in and out by itself, and snapped another picture.

Maybe I had done something wrong. I tried to play with it more but it wanted to take its own pictures every six seconds. I pressed "off" a few times before finally it turned off.

I got it home and read the instruction manual. It seemed that I'd done everything right. I called Canon and they suggested trying different batteries, as the ones in the box could have gotten old. I did, but no luck. From their end, they said, I could send it in for repairs. That seemed like a pain since I had bought it two hours ago.

So I took the train back to Park Row and the manager, a very nice guy named Mark, said it wasn't my fault and it looked like there were gremlins in it. He sent me next door, and the guy at the desk said, "I gotta see this. I heard there were gremlins in your camera." He gave me a new camera, and it's been working great.

But if I'd bought the thing on-line and had to mail it back, it would have been a pain.

So moral of the story, don't buy things on line.

Also, crack is wack.


For those who've asked - NO, I would NOT go to a C*ddle Party!
Woke up, put on clothes, went to work.

It's only fair if really old celebrities who my grandparents cared about die; not ones I know of.


T-shirt someone was wearing in the soup kitchen on Saturday:

A picture of a squirrel with the slogan "Protect Your Nuts."


Woke up, put on clothes, didn't go to work.

Yes, again, that has been pre-recorded.

I have to catch up on a few things. I at least have to mention that last week I went to a debate in which Todd S. tried to convince one of the founders of C*ddle Parties that our society is NOT too s*xually repressed. She said our society IS too s*xually repressed. (And no, my censoring is not a result of such repression, but a result of my not wanting people to find me here while Googling for s*x!!) Anyway, the debate was quite funny. Todd capped it off by revealing that not long ago, a web retailer was selling "Child Pimp & Ho Costumes" on the Web. I find this quite disturbing. I don't care what adults do with each other, but when they start giggling over their cute little 11-year-old ho, there's a problem.


too much editing, wrists hurt.


Woke up, put on clothes, went to work.

That portion of the blog was previously recorded earlier in the morning.

Here's a pretty cool blog by a reader.


Lori wrote: "I just got my brandy new XM Satellite radio receiver
so that I could listen to Opie & Anthony, who are back on the air as
of Monday. Yay, oh happy day! Then, this morning, at 8:30am, Howard Stern announced that he is going to Sirius Satellite radio--XM's competitor when his 15 months are up
on his current contract with Infinity/Viacom!!! What am I going to
do!!!! This is a dilemma!! Am I supposed to buy two satellite radio
receivers and pay for both so I can hear both shows!? Isn't that a bit
excessive?! But I've been listening to Howard since 6th grade!!!
Oh, the humanity!!"

Was that when you weren't listening to Z-100?
Valerie's post reminded me to mention Rodney Dangerfield. My favorite joke of his: "Kids are having sex younger and younger these days. The other day I saw a birth control pill in the shape of Fred Flintstone."
There are now a few more mentions on Google News, all of them saying 6 or 8 minutes ago. The Associated Press has not released it yet. Where are you, guys? You can't have the Atlanta Journal-Constitution beating you!
OK, there is one story on the internet now. CNN wins. Look how much Sirius stock jumped!
It's fun to see news spread. Right now, this is the only story mentioning Sirius Satellite Radio on Google News. I'll update later or tomorrow... (If you can't get into it, it's a Times story.)
Woke up, put on clothes, went to work.

INTERNET SCOOP: Howard Stern is leaving Infinity Broadcasting after his contract ends in 2006, and intends to go to Sirius Satellite Radio, where he plans to run three channels. He said he's excited about breathing life into this new medium.

I don't know if any of you care, but since it's only a half-hour-old scoop I thought I'd beam it your way.


Woke up, put on clothes, went to work.

A few metro area items to report today. First off, this morning 1010 WINS reported that last night, an armored truck flipped over on the NJ Turnpike and spewed change everywhere. As Adam Sandler says in "The Wedding Singer"...that's information I could have used yesterday!! Also, the Naked Cowboy of Times Square is now in radio ads endorsing Yahoo. Finally, there's an article in the New Yorker this week about a woman whose dog was nearly torn apart by a pack of junkyard dogs who live with an old man in a lot at Ninth Ave and 36th Street. The city has not done anything because no one handles dog-on-dog crime. Other dogs have been attacked, too. This morning it appeared that 1010 WINS has already picked up on the story, so now I'll bet something will be done. People complain about journalism, but the woman who wrote the New Yorker article wasn't getting anywhere no many how many calls she made or dogs were attacked. I'll bet the laws will change now.


Oh yeah? MEOW!! ;)
Woke up, put on clothes, went to work.

They said on the radio that there won't be rain this week. As if that's a good thing.

If you need some great '80s punk to start your Monday, and you're not feeling as patriotic as usual, click on this and click the "Not Proud of the USA" song on the right (by the Mice)...I like it not necessarily because I'm not feeling proud, but it is a fun song. Hey, maybe it will motivate you to vote.


Someone got to this site by putting in "Starting From Square Two lissner sold number of books." Hey, when you find out let me know.

(And if you did that because you're considering the movie rights, well, you should be.)
Woke up, put on clothes, went to work on novel revising.

Top news items on browser homepage: Mt. St. Helen's may blow in hours, and Bill Joel married a 23-year-old. So remember, boys: Practice piano every day, and don't move to the Pacific Northwest.


Woke up, put on clothes, went to work...on the book.

Wes works in a book store and notes that the book I mentioned yesterday was on Oprah, hence its high ranking. It might be fun to read, but could just cause a whole bunch of The Rules-like debates.

In other news, a famous photoblogger with one of the best sites in NY has been goodly enough to submit a list of Zierings! Thank you, Kevin of Forgotten NY!

>>Dawn Wells (Gilligan)
Robin Williams (well, he was never the star of another TV show)
Guy Williams (Lost in Space)
Mike "Touch" Connors (Mannix)
Andrew Shue (Melrose; played pro soccer after show ended)
Frank Bank (Lumpy Rutherford) has rarely appeared in a non Leave It To
Beaver show, though he has been Lumpy in 4 decades
Dustin Diamond (Dustin is unemployable in Hollywood in a non-Screech
role, except when he is boxing Horshack)
The dude who played Arvid on Head of the Class


If you have any doubts about how neurotic women are about men, look at what the number 2 best selling book in the country is.
I just went to the pizza place next door. $3.50 per slice may seem a little much, but it's got chicken parm and broccoli on it. Anyway, they always have the Post and Daily News out to read. Two things from the Post:

1. The articles on the first few pages of the Post overwhelmingly give the debate to Kerry. Wow, did the Post change owners overnight or something? I'm going to e-mail some Posties to see if gremlins got into their newsroom and adjusted the rightist bent.

2. Lisa Minelli is accused of having cheated on her husband by beating up on her chauffeur, too. Allegedly.
ME: I have a short attention span.
PERSON: I know. I've had a conversation with you.

Hmm. I'm not sure what he was trying to
Woke up, put on clothes, went to work.

I had a lil' debate with Dawn yesterday about Sex And the City. Thanks for putting it up, Dawn. I just don't think it's fair to assume that women try to emulate the SATC girls. It's just as bad as the assumption Dawn doesn't like, that all men in NYC are horrible. SATC is a dang funny and well-written show.