I guess I live in a trendy town.

took this a while ago but never uploaded


Publishing industry news

From Publishers Marketplace: "Steven Millhauser has won the 2011 Story Prize for his collection WE OTHERS (Knopf). Millhauser received the $20,000 award at a ceremony held in New York Wednesday evening."

$20,000!? Holy wow. Dust off your stories!


hoboken sunset

happy spring!

...also, i had a baby on friday! (more on that another day.)


Hi, new readers!

Wow, there are 30 people following this blog! Hi, 30 people! I guess if you found it because you went to my writing website, I should post something related to my writing.

But it's been a while since we've had photos to break things up. So for now, here's a photo of a stupid crosswalk.

More later.