Sweatshirt weather at last!

Well, that was a long moment of silence...

Blogging will continue to be brief this month.

The Boy and I visited my alma mater this weekend, and we went to a Mets game. It was fun.

I am really posting this on Sunday but dating it for Monday, just so y'all know. I do that sometimes.

Hope you have a good week.



Blog-moment of silence today.


College life

Students at Harvard used to get a university-issued pillow when they moved into their dorms. But this year, Harvard is discontinuing the practice. They should have gotten rid of it years ago. Aren't Harvard freshmen smart enough to bring their own pillow to school?


Ferry good

Last Saturday, the fiance and I took the free ferry from NYC to Governor's Island, a former military base off the Manhattan coast. It's now full of empty brick buildings while the city decides what to do with it. They give free tours during the summer. The last tours were this past weekend.

A fortress from the War of 1812.

Then, Sunday, he took me to a Staten Island Yankees game. They played the Brooklyn Cyclones, a Mets affiliate. It was one of the more fun stadiums.

One guy's apparent homer was declared foul.

A foul ball flew over our row.



Apparently, much of the school board in Pleasantville, NJ got arrested this morning for alleged corruption. I don't know where Pleasantville is, but I guess you shouldn't move there for the schools.

More importantly, when I have more time - some photos from a fabulous weekend with the Boy. Including baseball. This was not our seat:



Jon the writer told me he got inspired and wrote a first-day-of-college post of his own. It's very good.

A friend of mine published excerpts from her own elementary school diaries , which are more biting than mine. (Scroll down a post or two.)


Have a great first week of September, everyone!