176...it's a magic number

I have 176 e-mails in my box. They have been collecting over the last few weeks of writing/revising mayhem. I think I have at least responded to all of them with at least a short message and a "more later", but if for some reason something fell through the cracks, I apologize.

I will try to catch up on some e-mails soon rather than spending the time making lame Pitt jokes on this blog. Someone sent me a good one that ends in Jolie-Pitt but now I forgot which of the 176 saved e-mails it is.

[Update: It's "Peanutbutter Ann Jolie-Pitt," submitted by Sam from Hawaii. Thank you, Sam. You know, I like that name, Peanutbutter Ann. If I ever have a little girl, maybe I will name her that.]

My writing group meets this week. I'll have to bring the beginning of one of my new attempted novels so they can all trash it to bits.

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