Hoboken:  It's still not all condos.



For a surprise Hannukah gift, the postman dropped off a box of three books at my old apartment.  A neighbor called me to let me know, so I went and picked them up.  Apparently I wrote a Christmas book that I didn't even remember writing!

No, seriously, it turns out that this is Starting from Square Two, my 2004 novel, recently translated into French and marketed as a Christmas book.  I Googled it and found out that it was just released on Dec. 1.  Who knew?  The title in French is:  Christmas, Love, and Other Annoyances.

That's a great title!  Okay, it leaves out that the main character is a young widow, but you can get to that.
Here is a Google translation of the French description of the book:

Who said I need a love coach? I'm 29 and I'm going to spend my first Christmas with single in ten years! Ten years I never went to a bar for a speed dating or that I have not tried to seduce a man . Therefore, it is urgent! My friends, Hallie and Erika, claim that seduction is like riding a bike: it is not forgotten. I have trouble believing them.  How to start a conversation?  How to look sexy without overdoing it? The problem is that I just met Todd . An unexpected gift : big , cute, a false air of Colin Farrell. Say that I have not found anything else like tactical approach than to mention all the replicas of the Untouchables ! That said, it has seemed to work. So maybe I'm not a hopeless case. Maybe quej'ai still entitled to believe in Santa Claus.

Well, it is a pretty good writeup.  I'd read it.  They should have said that Todd's a train conductor, though.  I never thought of Colin Farrell, but hey, if it sells books, good!

Vive la France!!