'What gives fandom a bad name'

Okay, I am down to 47 e-mails now. Some of them were just me e-mailing my novel to myself so there was a copy in cyberspace in case something got lost (highly recommended, but I also back things up on another drive. Do it, people...back up, back up, back up).

There are still some links to music etc. that people have sent me, and I have to follow the links.

One thing I had e-mailed myself was this message on the "Greatest American Hero" listserv. I was a big fan of that show in the '80s, but usually I don't have time to read the messages. But I read this one and found it an amusing example of how seriously some fans take things:

P[Name of girl redacted by me] I'm sick and tired of the bashing you've given me and my site for years. You either stir up trouble with members, complain constantly about the site because it doesn't please you, or attack me personally for not selling you a cape, or something else from my collection. For years I stood by and have taken your abuse, I constantly interact with fans ("Do you know what PP says about you?") that inform me of the bashing I get from you in personal e mails to them. Once again you were banned for impersonating William Katt with a post on the new board, your ISP was traced and matched. Those kind of activites will not be tolerated. Your love/hate relationship with this show and everything in general IS WHAT GIVES ALL FANDOM A BAD NAME. It's childish and pathetic. Now since I've asked over and over to stop mentioning me or my site in a negative manner and you will not stop, you will be hearing from my attorneys.

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