I got a very early birthday card from my mother.  She wrote in it, "Happy 42."

How did this happen?  Shouldn't I be writing that to HER?!?!
Seen in Hoboken.


The reviews are in of my French non-Christmas book!

From a French web site:

"So I thought a good little fall on romantic comedy for the Christmas season, and in the end .... pfffffffff
the mash to cry every page ... not the slightest illusion (or so little) Christmas (yet it is in the title, no??) ... even the romance is very far from also be present and interresting ... not very rich dialogues .... the characters are downright soft and difficult to appreciate!"

"I am not attached to this novel, too melodramatic for me. It follows mourning Gret and early reconstruction. She is accompanied by two friends egocentric and horrifying. I wanted to book light happens at Christmas (coverage is not at all content) is missed."

"The story line has not what you might expect I have not seen the reports with christmas sincerely, because the story takes place during the winter and spring but not during christmas....I was expecting something else so I was a little disappointed. Even though it remains a very nice book."

Uh...well...read it in time for Valentine's Day!