New version of Carrie Pilby on Amazon

Well, sort of. I'm sure the new cover will go up soon.


Amazon on YA

Amazon on young adult fiction, which really exploded over the past decade.


The first Carrie Pilby-related Tweet

Thanks to literary agent Janet Reid for Tweeting about my book! It's still set to be re-released in July. I guess I really should update my website fast.

Regarding the Tweet under the one about Carrie Pilby...is there really a cupcake truck? And why would that not surprise me? Do Rachel and Nichelle know about this?!

HOLY CRAP, I just clicked on Rachel and Nichelle's cupcake blog and oh my God look at the key lime cupcake featured on it.
  1. Janet ReidJanet_Reid I didn't know CARRIE PILBY was being re-released! That's GREAT news! I loved that book!
  2. Janet_Reid It's too bad @susan_adriani doesn't like sushi. I guess we have to lunch at the cupcake truck.#poorpoorpitifulme



I kinda felt like I should post something. It's disappointing when you check a blog and nothing is posted.

So there.


Window of Maine hotel at sunset.


Dear Old Dad

DAD: How old are you going to be on your birthday? 39 or 40?
ME: (sigh) 39.
DAD: So you have a good 25 years left.
ME: Is that when life goes downhill? At 64?
DAD: Well, you look at people who are 10 years older than you, and things don't look that great.


Not just cute puppies

Sometimes you have to appreciate a little kitty now and then, too. So click here.

Musician, punster, and friend Michael Lynch writes:

"EXmas"...to take down Christmas decorations.


Recent photos have been sitting on my camera

The next street, after recent snow.

Fire station up the road.

Our first pizzas that Hubby and I made on New Year's Eve. Well, they tasted good! Toppings: Shredded mutz, along with fresh shrooms, onions, and peppers. Hubby is a great veggie picker and chopper. (Thanks, Bridget, for the set of knives.) I didn't roll the dough enough, so mine was like a Chicago pizza. I like Chicago pizza so I was not saddened by the matter.

I kept craving it after we were done, so four days later I made this ricotta and sundried tomato pie. Already the practice came in handy! (It was actually less tasty than the other one though.)

New graffiti added this weekend. Bunch of savages in this town! Notice the Xmas tree in a bag tossed out at the right.


Happy New Year!

I hope 2010 is the best one yet.