Data dump

Okay, I got a new card reader. Here are some street scenes from the last two weeks, that I was finally able to download this evening. Starting with:

OLD FRIENDS - I saw these two women together and thought they looked cute, so I took a picture...

When I turned on the camera to take it, I saw this scene through my viewfinder and though it looked neat, so I snapped it too:

Meanwhile, a few months ago, the nice couple that owned the dry cleaners up the street sold their building (for a pretty penny) and high-tailed it to Florida.

They took their quiet old Labrador, Baby, who used to put his paws on the counter when I came in and say hello. One time I said to him, "Have you had breakfast? Go eat your kibble." And he actually got down and went to his huge bag of dog food. I don't really think he understood, but it was a little weird.

Anyway, once the sign was removed, it unearthed that before the dry cleaners, there was...another cleaners!!

This woman knew how to protect herself on a windy day. I liked the pink and green here.

This photo is actually in Brooklyn Heights. I enjoy finding old signs, especially ones that look like they say "TOILET FLATS," because I have the sense of humor of a five-year-old.

That concludes the boring slide show for today. Who will turn up next in my evil viewfinder? Beware - it might be YOU!

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