Today is 06/06/06. Watch out for true evil!

Too much time

I am going to cut down on the time I spend on the internet. Usually, my main purpose is just to e-mail whatever writing project I'm working on to myself, so it doesn't get lost if my hard drive crashes.

But then I have to check e-mail, and then I start checking blogs, and links...I'm going to cut down, at least, at night.


Ever since I finally got a record player a few weeks ago, I've developed a temporary tradition of playing records on Sunday mornings. I'm not sure why I enjoy it so much, but I think it's because it's something done for pure pleasure. Often, I end up mixing pleasurable things with work; I eat at my desk, or I watch a movie in my room while I'm filing papers. I tend to do two things at once. But it's nice to gingerly lift a vinyl record, especially one I remember from the '80s, and place it on the platter, listening to the scratchy notes ring out. Last week I listened to a Steely Dan song, Kid Charlemagne, that I grew to really like when I first discovered classic rock stations in high school. I taped the song back then, of course, and then listened to it dozens of times before I learned that it was about a drug dealer in San Francisco. I kind of miss the discovery of music and what it meant, now that it's so easy to just download it or look the lyrics up. But teenage years are a time for discovering so many things - music, love, new interests, and of course, yourself. For a few years, all of those discoveries rushed at me, and I wouldn't trade the feeling for anything.

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