Update: No data dump

I brought my camera yesterday to J&R Camera World and asked which card reader would work with that camera. The guy specifically showed me the one. And today, I went to use it and it doesn't fit at all. Now I have to trudge all the way back to the WTC area to return it and trade it. Hopefully they'll have the right one. I want to put new pix up. How irksome.

Book 'em

Remember that book I've been working on for three years? I put it aside three months ago to finish up some others. But I had the urge to work on it recently, so I did so this morning. I was able to look at it with a fresh eye, and it was more obvious what I needed to cut in the beginning. I'm glad about that.

Data dump

I bought a digital card reader for my camera, because I haven't been able to download anything for three weeks due to some sort of power cord problem. So tomorrow I'll post some random outdoorsy pix that I haven't gotten to post in the past few weeks.

Random poem of the day*

Shake and shake
The ketchup bottle
None'll come and
Then a lot'll

*(I have to Google the author's name later and put it here, because I can't think of it now. And no, it's not me.)

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