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This girl writes an essay about how when she was little, she got picked on for being fat. Nowadays, if she is friends with very pretty girls, they boss her around. It's amusing to read, anyway. What do you think?

I've always wondered about how a person's looks dictate his/her personality and behavior. Put someone in a good-looking body and they are just going to have different experiences (and expectations of friendships/relationships) that an average or below average person, probably. Not always, but some of the time.


'The Potty Patch' indoor restroom for dogs


This is an awesome and amazing photo




Well, it's almost our anniversary, and hubby bought me a beautiful "I love you" bracelet. I love it.

I was joking that we'd almost surpassed Shannen Doherty's marriage, but actually, after using a highly technical research technique (Google) I have determined that we have outlasted Shannen's TWO marriages! They were about a year long each. Who knew?

We've also outlasted McKensie Phillips' relationship with her dad. Haw haw.


Dialogue with The Hubby

ME: (Looking at internet): Oh, look! You can buy a home in Rockford, Ill. for under $30,000!
HUBBY: You know what's in Rockford?
ME: The Rockford files?
HUBBY: Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING!


Separated at birth?

Timothy Geitner and Seth Meyers?

Am I the only one who thinks so?



My mom called me a few days ago to ask what happened to the fox terrier in the newspaper. Every week, there is a dog up for adoption in the paper. I work for that paper, and she gets copies of it in her building each week. Occasionally a dog will strike her fancy and she will call me to find out if the dogs was adopted. It's not that she wants the dog for herself; she just feels bad for it and wants to make sure it's happy.
"They said it was a sweet dog that likes to be petted,' she said. "I felt so bad that it doesn't have a home."
As angry as I can get at her other times, I remember how loving she can be. And as I get older, the naivete dissolves, this feeling that she will live forever. She's been claiming since I was a little kid that she was "dying." She wasn't imagining it; she did have severe medical problems. At some point she finally got the right treatment.
She has other health problems, too. Yet, she worries about a dog in the newspaper. A few weeks ago I went to visit her in her apartment and she baked me a cake, the first time she had done that since I was a little girl. She is still my mom and still wants to be.
I don't know how I will feel when one of my parents passes away, but the grief will probably be a lot deeper than I realize now.
I have met a lot of Baby Boomers lately who talk about how they have to take care of their parents. I guess my generation will see that happen too in the next few decades. It's not our turn yet, but in maybe 20 years it will be.
But for now my mother is still here, so I am lucky for that. The truth is, she is a worrier, and she probably will live a lot longer than she thinks. That reminds me, I have to call her and tell her that the dog got adopted into a good home.


Wait! Wait!

Check out this review! I am on to something here!! I guess Caramoo is it.
Vanilla fudge?

So far no luck finding my long lost vanilla fudge candies. They had the texture and taste of pralines without the nuts (good!) But they were sold individually wrapped as bulk candy.

Some have suggested Cow Tales (and thanks!) but that ain't it. And those are heavily caramel influenced.

I did find something similar in shape and possibly flavor, although it also has caramel in it. And the company is not that old, so I don't think it was around in the eighties. I'd love to try these and maybe eventually I will.

If they're chewy and stretchy like caramel, though, I'm not interested; I can find vanilla caramel anywhere. I want my old flakier vanilla fudge candies! Not creamy but craggy. They say that these are "crumbly" which would be perfect. I like fudge when it's been in the air a bit and gets a bit harder. If you've had New Orleans pralines, it's like that.

Here is a photo of a cross section of their crumbly caramels, which leads me to believe that maybe I would like these.


A reality show in the making

"Calling all cougars and the young men who love them: The first ever International Cougar Cruise wants you.
Singles Travel Company and The Society of Single Professionals are co-sponsoring the 3-night party cruise on Carnival this December, according to the Cruise Log Blog on USATODAY, and specifically for cougars and "cubs," lingo for young men with a thing for older women. "The truth is that there are millions of American men who find older women attractive," Rich Gosse, chairman of the Society of Single Professionals and innovator of the Cougar Cruise idea, told the The Chicago Tribune And, he adds, they are "frankly more interested in sex than money."
The cruise sets sail Dec. 4, and prices start at $125 per person, which includes cocktail parties and Cougar Cruise events."


In memory of those who died



I don't think Polo Ralph Lauren exists anymore.

Try to find something from there on line. (Not just regular Ralph Lauren.)

Weird, huh? Am I missing something?


Binghamton, N.Y.

Binghamton is a freight train hub.

Court Street

The lighting was just right on this one.

Note that the old wall sign advertises Coke as "delicious and refreshing, relieves fatigue" but...the two hanging signs in front of two stores advertise Pepsi!

Typewriter fixing is not as lucrative today as it once was.

According to Adorable Hubby, people say that this guy may be the next Jose Reyes. People were even singing the "Ole, ole ole ole" song when he came up to bat. Unfortunately, he got caught stealing a base.

Another guy who has been said to be on the rise for the Mets. These were both taken at the Binghamton Mets stadium (AA).

Furniture store

View from window in the morning.

TRIP RECOMMENDED, OR NO? Um, maybe, but only for one night if you like to go to minor league games and/or see old towns and freight trains. There was very little to see and a lot of businesses were closed. Maybe pair it with stops in more interesting towns in Upstate N.Y.

I also put some of these photos on my Facebook account.


Life is not fair

On one hand, you have that family, the Duggars, who had their 18th baby last December and will have their 19th next March. Their cable show is "18 Kids and Counting." The mother just announced that she is pregnant with their 19th child and she turns 43 next weekend.

Meanwhile, you have a hopeful, childless couple from Australia, whose blog I ended up at a while ago (link is below).

They are 41 years old. This is the second marriage for the male half of the couple. His first marriage ended several years ago when he found out his wife was cheating. Anyway, after his divorce, he returned home, reconnected with a childhood friend, and fell madly in love with her. They got married.

Then, she got pregnant. Their first child was stillborn. Imagine carrying a baby for nine months and then having to lose it at birth?
After all of that grieving, they hoped to get pregnant again.

Then, luckily, they got pregnant again. She delivered successfully and they brought their baby home.

Six weeks later, the baby died suddenly from what doctors said was a 1-in-40,000 virus.

She got pregnant again last year, at the age of 40. Finally, they were going to have a baby! This week, at the age of 41, she gave birth.

This is their third loss. All they want is one baby. Not 18. Not 19.

Happening to have read about both of these events on the same day, it just seems so unfair. All the latter couple want is one baby. It is breaking their hearts.

The former couple just keeps having one a year and will be up to 19 kids. They also don't believe in certain prenatal care, and other refinments. Maybe they can give their next baby to the Australian couple and ease their pain? Okay, probably won't happen. There's really no conclusion here, just that it's really not fair at all.


Sometimes everyday things can be quite colorful.