Monday again

It was just Monday last week. What a conspiracy.

I came up with all sorts of topics to write about in the blog today, and rejected them, as I frequently do. Top reasons are:

1. Someone will misunderstand it and get offended...just like last year when I put a brief, funny poem up here and two people thought it was about them and they wrote to apologize for something they did, but the poem wasn't even about them! Honest!
2. I want to share personal things in my life with the closest people in my life, not necessarily with the world. And the most intimate, private things in my life with the most intimate, private people in my life. I think relationships end up being devalued a bit if you can't share exclusive intimacies.
3. It's boring.
4. Other people already write too much about the issue (like politics).
5. There is no reason #5.

But it's Monday, and you've come here for a brain-break, which is so nice of you I can't stand it. Thank you for coming.

Here's an observation, then: I hate when pizza places charge $2 extra for putting onions on the pizza. They put five savory crescents of onion on a darn pizza, and you get charged $2 for a topping.

4 a.m. update: New post below...

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