Now that I've met you

Just in case anyone out there needs one, here's a great big ((((((((((((hug)))))))).

Let me know if I can help.


I have two writing projects whose revisions should both be done within the next month.

And neither of them is the third one, which I've been working on for four years.

Writing what you know is a lot easier than writing what you love, sometimes...but the research is fun just the same.

In any case, I hope to have two things sold by September. I haven't sold anything in a while. So yeah, I'll be in literary seclusion for a lot of this month.

You think September is far away, but it's not. Huh huh huh huh, I said 's not.

Obladi, obladah...

"Come on, where are you guys already?!" - Becca Thatcher, talking to her breasts

If that means anything to you...or the names Tyler Benchfield, Corky Thatcher, or Jesse McKenna do, guess what's out today on DVD!!!

The rumors are NOT true that the series was originally called, "That's retarded!"

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