They stole my scoop!

I was in Washington D.C. this weekend on literary business and I got sort of a semi-scoop on former Gov. McGreevey's new book, but the Star-Ledger reporter was also down there and I knew he'd write something. Sure enough, I just checked the Ledger's webpage and their story is on-line already.

That means the Associated Press will probably pick it up for today and tomorrow's newspapers. Drat. So that means it will appear in a newspaper near you - in fact, after you read this, look in your paper and it's probably there.

I still have a quote or two that they don't, I think. It's too bad my paper is a weekly and can't come out sooner, but no biggie. It's not as if it was a big secret; it's just that it was McGreevey's first public appearance in a while. Not much is secret in journalism.

On another note, I am posting this at 4:19 a.m., and yes I'm revising my book. I think I will cook a delicious feta omlette now. But the question is: Will it count as breakfast, or dinner?

5 a.m. update: Even more in a NEW post below!

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