Owl's well

I kind of like that even though I'm in a city, I can still wake up some mornings and hear "Wee-hoooo, hooooo, hoooooooooo" coming from my back yard.

How many of you New Yorkers can say that?

Now if I can pay someone to come by on Sunday morning and make lawnmower noises, it'd be complete.

Attention readers

If any of you female readers are willing do me the favor of taking a look at one page (just the first page) of my young-adult novel and giving me any reactions, let me know. It's the first page; I'll e-mail it to you post haste. Thanks! E-mail me at lizzner@aol.com. (Yes, girls only; sorry boys.)

Will Gore run?

A friend writes that when asked if Gore would run for president on Monday, James Carville's comment on CNN was: "Running for president is like having sex. You don't do it once and say, 'Well, I've already done that, I'll move on to something else.'"

That Carville. Always has a way with words.

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