I haven't mentioned it here, but I might as well reveal the reason I started writing really crazily again recently. It's that my agent is leaving her agency. That means I have to find a new agent.

The fact that I've already been published will of course help me get one (that's called my "platform," which I just learned). BUT it's no use for an agent to take me on if I don't have a product to sell.

I had one semi-humorous/semi-literary novel almost done with my other agent (at least, attemptedly humorous; obviously others will have to judge), and a fun Young Adult novel for teens. So I moved up my week off from work to finish working on these two projects.

Time is of the essence because a lot of editors go away for long periods during the summer, so I want to get these things to agents soon.

I did a lot of writing and finishing this week, and should be able to mail this stuff to agents by Wednesday and Thursday. Whee!

I may be going to Virginia in two weeks for a Top Secret Mission, so I should have at least a day not on my computer, which will be a relief.

Anyway, that's what's happening on my end. Y tu?

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