Losing it

One of the most frustrating things to happen is when you lose something you really need. You retrace your steps looking, and are furious at yourself for the split second it took to misplace it.

And you also wish that if anyone would find it, they'd call you quickly, but sometimes they don't (if they bother trying to find you at all).

This morning on my way to work, I saw what looked like someone's tax refund checks on the ground. It didn't seem like a safe thing to be dropping, even if it was just the pull-off part. I picked it up and it was two sealed checks from the DIVISION OF MEDICAL ASSISTANCE AND HEALTH SERVICES, TRENTON, NJ addressed to a guy at the Homeless Shelter.

Obviously he needs these for his health care, or it's disability or whatever. I called the shelter and told them the guy could come pick them up at my office, or they could send someone. They said to just drop them in the mail.

I declined to, because what if the mail takes two days or sends them back to Trenton? This guy finally got his disability checks and somehow dropped them. He probably needs them in a hurry.

There's no reason he has to wait and fret when he clearly has enough problems as it is. Plus, the shelter is like seven blocks from me.

Anyway, I'm gonna sprint down there tonight and drop them off. It's good exercise. So see, I'm really doing it for selfish reasons, you Ayn Rand junkies (ewww).

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