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Your idea of a homeless reality show has been touched on. A&E has a show called "Random 1" where a team goes out to help people, very often homeless people. They do what they can, clean them up, help find them jobs, or drug problem, or whatever it is they need to give them a leg up. It was on last year, not sure if it's still around.

And think of the pizza delivery tips like this.. a waitress may bring your food from across the room. A pizza delivery guy has to fight traffic (in his own car most times) and arrive in half an hour or less (lest the pizza be free), and has to pay his own car insurance for the privilege. So who deserves the bigger tip? Plus, just what is it worth to you to have the pizza delivered rather than you drive and pick it up yourself? Go for that 20% for the pizza guy.

Aloha, Sam

Yes, Sam, but someone else wrote and said that deliverers earn more than waitresses. Hmmm.

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