Last week, two random people on consecutive days wrote to tell me that they liked Carrie Pilby. And then I got my first new Amazon review in months on it. I wonder why it goes in phases. Maybe people had more time to read last week? Maybe it was reviewed on someone's website recently? Who knows?

...Also, if you're one of the people who agreed to read some of the new book and comment, and you didn't get it yet, I only sent out some of them and will send the rest in a day or two.

If you already have it, please give me all thoughts you have. Some people act afraid, or they say, "You're such a good writer and I'm just a reader and maybe you have some brilliant reason for doing such-and-such..." but my rough drafts are rarely brilliant until I get feedback. If you find yourself uninterested in a character, or there's a plot point that gives too much away or doesn't interest you, tell me all that. Basically, I want to know what makes you less interested in reading further. And tell me if you have any ideas on how to fix it. If enough people say the same thing, then it's even more valuable advice.

Believe me, I can't see the book the way a reader sees it at first glance. I'm helpless without you, darlings! Give it to me straight!

If you're worried about being too "mean," then also tell me what you like. There there.
I'd rather you be mean now, then editors be mean and reject the book.

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