Just when you thought

You don't really think I'm done revising my book, do you?

I keep calling up the file to nip and tuck. It's nice to do that when I no longer need major major changes.

I really really want someone to read it and love it and publish it. So while it's still in my hands, I gotta do my best.

I want it to be emotionally devastating.

I'm waiting for my agent to read it and get back to me to tell me if it's ready to send out. This is out of my hands. You can't harass your agent. They have a lot to do. Maybe she'll read it during this snowy weekend. Or maybe she'll take a month.

It's certainly a lot cleaner than it was, and I cut out the slow parts.

If you are a female reader of my books, by the way, and are willing to read the first, say, 30-50 pages of this and give any reactions or opinions, e-mail me. UPDATE: I have gotten a few responses, so thanks! So as of Saturday evening, I don't need any more test readers. For those who responded, it'll be on the way...Even if you say "I found page 5 dull and skimmed it, but I like page 7, and this paragraph here doesn't strike me as realistic." Every comment is helpful - because my perspective isn't exactly unbiased.

I'm confident in it enough now to ask a few more people to peek. But you must keep it confidential. Thanks!

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