Nothing to say today

Talk amongst your elves.

NOON UPDATE! I just got this letter in response:

Dear Editor:

You say "talk amongst your elves" as if elves were a possession. You are a racist! Elves are NOT possessions and deserve every bit of the freedoms the rest of us enjoy! Elves should not be our slaves, they should be our partners! Liberate your elves, and they will repair your shoes and tend your garden with joy instead of fear!

- Elf Liberation Front (ELF)

My response to their response

Gentlemen: (What, no female elves? Even the Smurfs had an 'ette.) First off, I hope you weren't offended by my putting your letter in green and red. Secondly, what "race" are elves? Thirdly, please respond shortly - I know you're used to that.
Thank you. - Addled Writer

P.S. Yes, someone really did send me that letter. (But I suspect it was not from the real E.L.F.)

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