Talk amongst your Elvises

Sometimes I think of different things to post here, but end up not posting any of them. Oh well. There might be important things going on, but I decide for various reasons not to permanently paint them on this cyber-easel we like to call the internet.

Here are the most UNimportant things I could think of to post tonight:

New beginning

Yes, again I'm writing about how much I've struggled with the first 20 pages of my novel. The rest is fine now, but readers have to GET there. A few months ago, I found an older, more mature version of the start. It was actually better than the current one! Or is it that I hadn't read it in a while, so I had perspective? Hard to say. In any case, I tested it out tonight. It actually works...

(sorry to write about that once again.)

The O.C.

I have watched most of Season 1 of the O.C. Since the DVDs are still in good condition, I'm going to donate them somewhere. Unless that would actually torture people.

I think I like the Sopranos best out of all the shows I've watched seasons of on DVD. The writing is far above anything else on TV, in my own, useless opinion.

My friend, the Anonymous Blogger, said he was "surprised" I would watch the O.C. Humph. What do you think I am, a snob?

Well, it's true that every episode has the same plot:

1. Characters go to swanky party
2. Fistfight breaks out
3. Someone takes off, either drunk or very very upset due to a misunderstanding
4. ALL the other teenage characters take off after that person, despite parental guidance
5. They all return, scared but unharmed, and the parental units scold them for disobeying, but they also lovingly understand that the kids had to go after their friend. Hair-toussling occurs.

The Super Bowl

Is Sunday.

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