More random thoughts

1. I think the Sopranos cast is cursed.

2. How much are you supposed to tip food delivery people these days? Is it supposed to be a dollar or two for a pizza, or is it 15-20 percent just like waiters and other folks? Anyone know?

3. It's pretty easy to get sick of your winter clothes by this time of year.

4. Why haven't they done any reality shows with the homeless? Those folks are the ones who really need the boost. I don't mean shows to make fun of them or do "homeless makeovers" like Howard Stern might, but maybe a homeless Real World or something. Obviously it'd be a little different, more like a documentary than comedy, but at least it might break down some stereotypes. Or if I'm being too naive, some other reality show where maybe you give a homeless person a home or money or, who knows. Hey, just throwing it out there.

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