Because Valentine's Day is in a few weeks, I've gone back and forth for over a week on whether to write a V-Day related post. I think I'm probably not going to. All of the different topics I've thought of will just somehow get me in trouble. I don't want them hanging here for months or years, to be read or maybe discovered and by anyone random.

If you say, "Well, you're a wimp," yes, maybe, but if I thought my views were a) original, b) would add anything to the debate, I'd write them. As they are, I'd just be repeating what all the other bloggers write about men and women and who has it easier and harder, and why.

I will say this: Don't blame all men and women, or the next man or woman you meet, for all the problematic ones you've already met.

Anyway, I love reading Sylvia Plath's journals. She analyzes everything so much, but even if she's a literary genius, she had the same thoughts and fears of many women. In analyzing guys she could potentially marry, she writes:

"Dick is out because of innumerable reasons: cut-throat competitiveness, pride, self-love and fear for ego, hereditary liabilities, lack of virginity, short (for me) stockiness -- all of which, although perhaps not obvious on a spot appraisal, would increase the potential of corroding a creative felicitous partnership. Perry I know too well; we take each other for granted; there would be no discovery of personality there. Perhaps, if I had met him as Shirley did, it might have worked."

Pretty funny. Don't you love the "lack of virginity"? Shows the innocence of the times, or Sylvia's hopefulness of innocence, at her age, anyway. Don't be so hard on her about the "short" thing -- she was a pretty tall gal. Her thoughts are choppy like the tide, but haven't many of us thought things like "Maybe if I had met this person at a different time, it might be different"? Although unlikely, I think many of us have had such thoughts.

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