So nice

I got this e-mail last night:

Subj: Carrie Pilby
Date: 2/13/2006 9:21:08 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: [redacted]

To: lizzner@aol.com
Sent from the Internet

Hi there, I loved reading "Carrie..." Would you ever write another novel, as a sequel? Sincerely, Ranya

It's so sweet that people are still finding Carrie Pilby, almost three years after it came out, and writing to me about it. My website address isn't even in the book, so they actually have to do a search to find it. I'm so glad...

Pigeon update

I went out with some Cheez-Its yesterday morning because it occurred to me that a pigeon who couldn't fly might have no where to go in the snow. I was wondering if he survived and needed food. (Or she; I'm not sure which one).

I didn't see him out there, although about 50 other pigeons appeared to nosh. It's probably harder for them to find food in the snow anyway. I'll check again today. I hope he's ok! Might be time to call the pigeon rehabilitator after all. Last time I saw him, which was about five days ago, his wing was kind of dragging, so I don't think his plan to heal without human help is working.

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