School daze

Some things that happened when I was in school that couldn't happen today:

1. In high school social studies, our teacher was showing a film. The actual film that was going through the projector started spilling out, all over the floor. We all noticed it and no one wanted to be the one to say something. The teacher didn't notice. Finally he noticed it. Because nobody said anything, he gave us a pop quiz to punish us.

Couldn't happen today; I'm sure they use VCRs.

2. When I had to write my sentences for Spanish class, using different verbs we were learning, I used to put in a lot of jokey threats. If the verb was "to plant," for instance, I'd write, "If you don't give me an A, I will plant you in the ground!!!" At the end of the year, my teacher wrote in my yearbook that she was glad she survived all of my warnings.

I'd probably be questioned by the police today.

3. In eighth grade, we had a fundraiser where you could pay a dollar and the Creative Arts teachers would take a photo of the kid you had a crush on, and slip it to you anonymously.

People are way too paranoid for this today.

There are probably other examples, but those are three off the top of my head. I wonder if kids know what "dittos" are. As I established recently, they still don't always use Spell Check...

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