Good evening. I thought of lots of things to write about this evening, like how my very first essay got published because of jealousy, and about a girl who got a $500K book advance and her reviews that are coming out right now (both good and snarky), and other stuff, but I'm too darn tired. Will try to be more interesting soon. Zzzz....

Back, back, back up your stuff!

Computer alert

My computer at work may be dead. I had about two years' worth of digital photos on there, so that's not so good, but I have duplicates of the most important ones. So reminder to everyone: Back stuff up. I *do* back up Word documents constantly, especially my novels, but I downloaded so many photos over the years that I never backed most of 'em up. Most of them are also not incredibly important, but it'll still be nice if I get some of them back.

Back, back, back up your stuff!
Back, back, back up your stuff! (Sing to the tune of Tom Green's "Check your b*lls")

A story I wrote is on p. 36 of the Daily News today, and I ended up in one of the photos in the print edition, with my notepad. I don't look so good - I need a haircut. But they cropped me out of the on-line version - good! ;)

That's the news. Good night and be well.

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