The heat is on

Let's take a moment to be thankful for heat.


If you are inside, bask in the wonder of heat.

Publishers' Weekly

Every week I get a list of books that have sold. Every week I tense up, hoping there isn't one like mine this week. Well, it's been another week that I was spared that anxiety.

As I've said before, though, a repeated plot is not always the kiss of death. Take a look at something that sold this week:

...PROJECT DADDY, about a woman on assignment to find the perfect man, who finds him in her best friend, sold in a two-book deal...

Incidentally, anthologies seem to be all the rage lately. One on anorexia was just sold. I'm sure you can come up with another title, just for fun, but don't:

...Former New Yorker staffer Kate Taylor's HARD AND SHARP AND LIGHT: Writers on Anorexia and an Appetite for Grandeur, a collection on anorexia with an introductory essay that describes the author's own experiences and makes the connection between ambition and anorexia...

If you're old and not anorexic, try cocoa

Here's this week's health news that people will take the wrong way:

Cocoa is good for your heart.

But note the last paragraph. The news doesn't mean you should keep downing fatty chocolate bars, Mavis. Fat is NOT good for you! Unless you're anorexic.

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