Thanks for your notes of concern about the pigeon. If I see him there this morning, I will call the Health Dept to see if there's a way to take care of him. I'd feel bad if something bad happened to him. He seems to be taking pretty good care of himself, though. I brought some crackers home from work with me in case I saw him, but he wasn't there. I guess he must live right next to that doorway.

While we're on the subject of animals, yes, I know I was supposed to find out the goat's name and didn't. I haven't been in goat territory for a few months. I will try to find out next time.


Convo at a staff meeting yesterday:

Sales person: I just have to be digilant. (Pause) Did I just say digilant?
Boss: That's the junction between...
Me: It's a combonym!
(Everyone ignores me.)


I think I need a little more time to finish revisions. But not tooo much more. When the spring weather hits, editors will be too distracted to buy it. Deadline approaches. Must work on it every chance I get!

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