Can I be sued if someone at work says "It's hot in here" and I sing, "So take off alllll your clothes"?

The return of

I might put back two small things I took out of the book. It was still good to see what it read like without 'em. ;)

Up in Smoke

The Senate passed a bill today banning smoking in NJ restaurants etc. Hasn't gone into effect yet.

First lines cont'd

"Alleghany County is perched so high up in the hills of western North Carolina that golfers intrepid enough to go up there to play golf call it mountain golf."

That's the first line of Tom Wolfe's "I Am Charlotte Simmons." A good line, but I would have taken out the "golf" in "play golf." We don't really need the word 'golf' three times in one sentence. Other than that, not bad.

In any case, it doesn't matter. He's Tom Wolfe, and he has a battery of people who will help him get his stuff into top publishing form.

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