Is your mom hip?

Never mind the dog test. All dogs are smart and cute. Even Sam, the famous ugly dog who just died. Anyway, just for fun, ask your mom who "Puff Daddy" is. It's kind of funny to see what moms say. Mine said, "Sean Diddy Combs? I'm not dumb." I think she deserves 9/10 credit.

Indian Pilby?

(NOTE: "Curry Pilby" was suggested by reader Carl. That's catchy!)

A friend asked me if I'd heard of an author who got a $500,000 advance last year for a book called "How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got In." Here is the author describing it:

“The main character is a girl of Indian descent who’s totally academically driven, and when she senses from a Harvard admissions officer that her personal life wasn’t perhaps well-rounded, Ms. Mehta goes out and does what she thinks ‘regular’ American kids do - get drunk, kiss boys, dance on the table,” Ms. Viswanathan said.

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