Woke up, put on clothes, didn't go to work.

Another major writing weekend. I want to get my book done by the end of October.

McGreevey joke of the day: "There were suspicious about McGreevey before. When they were trying to choose the state song, everyone else wanted 'Born to Run,' and he wanted 'Mandy.'"

Non sequitur of the day from a conversation with my dad:

DAD: What are you doing this weekend?
ME: Mostly working on my novel.
DAD: Well, if you decide to get an SUV, there's a lot of money off.

He also kept telling me different things that happened on the Ali G show and kept saying, in the middle, "It's funny," which actually was funnier than whatever he was saying about Ali G, which wasn't that funny. Despite people continuing to try to convince me that it's funny. But someday, I probably will see it, and I probably will think it's funny.

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