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This week's New Yorker starts with a paragraph from editor David Remick:

"There's a case to be made that it hardly matters how eloquent or effective John kerry was at the Democratic National Convention last week. What matters infinitely more is that George W. Bush is the worst president the country has endured since Richard Nixon, and even mediocrity would be an improvement."

In other New Yorker news...

There is an article on Munchausen by Proxy syndrome, which I couldn't read because it completely grosses me out. There are few things that are so gross that I can't read about them, but this actually makes my blood bite my skin.

Then there's the article on the "comedian" who is very religious and plays Christian events. One of his jokes is, "They should handle homeless people the old way. Give them an ax and a tree and say, 'There's your duplex.' " Well, I agree. It would be better than what a lot of them get now. This dumbass is too stupid to know that he just advocated a gov't handout. I'm glad he understands that sometimes 'handouts' can help get people out of a bad situation. I wonder if he also knows that Habitat for Humanity actually requires poor people who get the houses to put in 800 "sweat equity" hours per year, meaning they have to work on their house for like 18 hours a week for a year, even if they have a full-time job and raise kids beside that. A lot of them do most of it on the weekend. I wonder if this guy forgets the part of his religion that calls for him to love and help other people. And if you throw the "give a man a fish and he'll fish for a day" thing in my face, I wasn't differing - for those who are physically AND mentally able to do the work to get themselves out of their mess. But some can't mentally do the work.

Example: There's a homeless woman who hangs out in the Hoboken train station who is a good writer. I told her I'd pay her $50 to write an article on being homeless for my newspaper. She said she would. Then when I asked her for her SS#, she balked. She couldn't tell me why. Well, she was probably borderline paranoid. To someone who wants to put the homeless into little neat categories, they'd see her on the street and think she was perfectly fine and should be working.

I wonder if Jesus thinks it's funny to tell jokes about the homeless. This guy also says in the New Yorker that we're going to hell if we don't believe in Jesus. Well, where do people who only believe in Jesus when it fits their philosophy go?

Man, I hope Blogger accidentally erases this entry.

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