The New York Post has outdone itself this time.

Their cover story is about an N.J. doctor claiming he had an affair with Golan Cipel. It’s only at the seventh or eighth paragraph that it notes that the guy was raving in three languages during his press conference. He also was wearing only shorts.
The Daily News, on the other hand, did not put this story on the cover. And close to the top of the Daily News article, they note, “Miller also claimed to reporters that he is a CIA operative who takes pills doled out by the intelligence agency to make his skin darker so he can infiltrate unnamed groups. He offered no mementos, letters or photos as proof of his relationship with Cipel.”
You have to question why a guy would hold a press conference to say he was someone’s gay lover, anyway. The Post should have at least put the press conference in the context of the guy being a raving “CIA operative.” But they’re not exactly known for quality journalism.
Whaaaat's next?

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