Mickey writes: Good reporting involves more than this. Small details such as hot or cold, flavor and consistency add to the story and keep the attention of the reader. Take the story to the next level. Explain to the reader how the facts affect him or her. It requires a deeper look into the ramifications of such action upon society.

In other news... I got a lovely e-mail entitled "Your wonderful book" from a Pittsburghian, regarding my first novel. Thanks sooo much. It was sweet!

Some kids just came in to tour the newspaper. One precocious girl took delight in asking me questions that had nothing to do with newspapers:

GIRL: Do you like pizza?
ME: Yes.
GIRL: Do you like Care Bears?
ME: Uh...yes.
KIDS: Yay!
GIRL: Who would you rather have for president: Bill Cosby or Eddie Murphy?

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