I promised a minor book-related announcement today, Aug. 1. So here it is:

I'm doing a Carrie Pilby sequel. It won't be full-length. It's going to be a novella, probably about 140-150 pages, and it'll go into a collection of three authors' novellas that Red Dress Ink will put out in time for the 2005 holidays, starting November, 2005. Mine will be the New Year's one, and other authors will contribute a Christmas and a Hannukah novella. I've come up with fun new Carrie Pilby stuff over the last year, and I couldn't resist writing it whenever I thought of it - so this isn't a case of them asking me and I decided to do it. I already had some interesting new exploits, but I wasn't sure if I'd have time to focus on a book. So this is a good way to find out what happened now that she's learned some lessons but is still geeky and pushing herself to get out. While this is still 14 months away, I'm happy about it.

If you want to read the original Carrie Pilby, click here. Amazon reports they currently have four copies left in stock - but more are on the way!

But that's not the only announcement... Yes, folks, it has begun. The next six or so weeks might bring hurricane hype. Right now, the aptly-named Tropical Depression One is sliding toward us from North Carolina, and might bring us some Dicey weather on Tuesday. Here's a map of its track. Keep watching. Hurricane season only comes along once a year!

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