Dan writes: Personally, I would like to see Carrie’s proficiency with a flame thrower and rocket launcher, used with MIT-like precision against a race of military cyborgs threatening to take over the streets of Las Vegas.  I think that’s what’s missing from the chick-lit genre.  My $0.02.

A lurker writes:The Pilby sequel has just made my week!  Not only am i
thrilled for more Carrie, it will be released very close to my own college graduation date... Congrats and THANK YOU!

Mickey responds:Hot Damn!! I knew it!! Hello Barnes and Noble, yes I would like to order 100 copies of Adventures of Carrie in her latest exploit “Carrie Likes to eat Moo Shu Gai Pan”! And bye the way, do you folks sell Kleenex? I like to keep a box close at hand while reading, just in the event that I er, sneeze!

Men are such pigs...Anyway, thanks to all of you for the support of my writing habit.

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