People are saying McGreevey is "courageous" for coming out of the closet. McGreevey said his affair was wrong.

NO, that's not what was wrong.

He met a 31-year-old Israeli tour guide in 2000 when he was mayor, and then when he became governor, said tour guide was apparently flown to America at the expense of the Democratic party. McGreevey hired the guy in 2002 to be the state's Homeland Security advisor at a salary of $110,000 per year.

In a state that had seen about 700 people die from the terrorist attacks next door just the year before.

He hired a guy whose only experience was having been in the Israeli Army. Which you are required to be in if you are Israeli.

And that guy is being mentioned in the press as the one who is expected to file a sexual harassment suit against McGreevey.

Don't put an entire state at risk to give your "friend" a job.

If that's what happened, then what's wrong.

I'll bet the spin on this story will look very different in a few days.

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