Just got back from seeing a Sublime tribute band perform down the block. It's not summer unless I get to hear "Santeria" in a crowd at least once. The last two years, it was in Delaware. So I figured it would make more sense to go eight blocks away from me.

They started late, so first, I got to watch Chad Pennington break his wrist live on TV. And then see them announce 10 minutes later that he'll be out for six to eight weeks. Knowing next to nothing about sports, I would like to ask why the most important players are put in these games that aren't part of season play, when they can hurt themselves before the actual season. I know it may seem like a dumb question, but I honestly don't know the answer, so please explain.

Speaking of explanations, Mickey, a reader, has this to say:

"The dead guy is of the Philadelphia Chemical Ali’s. The one they just caught is of the New Haven Chemical Ali’s. Same name different branch of the Chemical Ali's family"

Oh. Whew!! I thought our gov't just lied to us again.

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