I just rented "Kramer Vs. Kramer." It tangentially relates to something I'm writing. (I know; I use that excuse for everything.) I knew the video store cashier would have something to say about this. He did. He was a kid who probably wasn't even born in 1979. " ' Kramer vs. Kramer,' " he said, looking at it. "They used to talk about this all the time at the other store where I worked." I told him I hadn't seen it since it was in theaters and I was eight. "I want to find out who wins," I said. Didn't get a laugh.

Blockbuster is planning to sell off all their videotapes, one of their cashiers told me a few weeks ago. It's odd how things pass into obsolescence before you even realize it. It reminds you how old you are. All of a sudden -- boom -- you realize you haven't heard a busy signal on the phone in years and the TV doesn't take a minute to warm up anymore.

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