I've gotten lots more suggestions for the most irrelevant pop song. I don't necessarily agree with people who are suggesting various songs about dancing and boogieing (? boogying? booging?), because it is actually quite relevant for a dance song to be about dancing. But Brad T. suggests "MacArthur Park," which definitely can rank up there with "Kung Fu Fighting."

Meanwhile, Mr. Malice writes: "Pop Muzik was one of the first synth hits (1979), one (if not the) earliest New Wave songs and is about pop music being an end in itself. It is, as you said, highly relevant.
Anyone who says otherwise is obviously an idiot who knows nothing about the history of pop."

Well, I'm glad my blog finally tackled a tough issue. I'll close the topic for discussion now, as I can see that this will take time away from getting up, getting dressed, going to work, and drinking my eight glasses of water per day (note subtle introduction of new plot line!!!)
Night, folks.

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